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10 Apr 20244 min read

The Benefits Of A Considered Part Inventory

Looking for how to better plan and prepare for your asset's inevitable downtime? In the ...
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25 Jan 20246 min read

Case study – Challenges of a hybrid/electric sightseeing vessel

In recent years, there has been a global movement towards zero-emission solutions. The ...
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15 Nov 20235 min read

5 important things to consider when choosing a propulsion manufacturer

Are you unsure of what technology to aim for in a changing maritime market? Looking to ...
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19 Oct 20234 min read

Future of propulsion technology: How to stay competitive in 2030

When you are looking to the future, it is easy to be blinded by the potential of new ...
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19 Sep 20233 min read

How your components and equipment's weight impacts your performance

In the maritime industry, where efficiency, performance, and environmental considerations ...
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17 Aug 20236 min read

How to limit downtime and cost with proper maintenance on your vessel

Any operator knows the importance of maintenance. Of course, quality maintenance is ...
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12 Jun 20234 min read

Benefits of hybrid CTV – HST Ella

In today’s maritime industry, there is an increasing demand for innovative and ...
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1 Jun 20236 min read

Revolutionizing Green Transport - The Medstraum Ferry

Introduction In today’s maritime industry there is an increased demand for innovative and ...
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13 Apr 20233 min read

Why CPPs are the preferred choice for wind farm vessels

The propulsion system is without doubt an important part of any vessel, including wind ...
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9 Feb 20232 min read

The most valuable energy is the one you do not use

In today’s marked there is a collective strive towards zero emissions. It is therefore ...
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