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Servogear AS16 Dec 20221 min read

Together We Give Back

Thank you to all our customers and partners for the support and trust in 2022.

To express our gratitude to you this year, we wanted to do something meaningful and lasting. Therefore, instead of sending out physical Christmas gifts and cards, a donation will be made on the behalf of our customers to support the education of children in the Philippines. 

In the Philippines, only 78 per cent of children complete basic education. Furthermore, due to the low investment, outdated teaching methods and limited attention to the development of children’s social and emotional skills, has caused the Filipino children to fall behind. 
- source: Unicef

The charity organization “Ungdom i Oppdrag” (Youths on a Mission) is located in Dagupan, where they provide food, vitamins and financial aid to children. Furthermore, the organization have tutors to help with homework and have different social activities the children can attend. In other words, the Youths on a Mission is doing an important job in ensuring a better future for several children. The outstanding and tireless work of the many people involved in this project has so far supported the education of 230 children. 


This cause is particularly close to our hearts at Servogear, as one of our previous service coordinators, Karl Ådnasnes, is directly involved in this charity work. Karl Ådnasnes has a very long history with Servogear and was actually our employee no.1 when Servogear moved into its present location here in Brubakken at Rubbestadneset back in 1975. 

Again, thank you to all our customers for the projects and trust, without your support this donation would not be possible! Together we give back!


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