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tram project
Servogear AS11 Mar 2023< 1 min read

Ecoflow Propulsor for the Tram project

Servogear are happy to announce that delivery of its Ecoflow Propulsor system are confirmed with the EU-funded emission free fast ferry project, Tram.

With this, another milestone within the fast ferry segment is reached for Servogear as this delivery is for the world’s first purely battery-driven fast ferry to operate on a multi stop commuter route. The vessel will be built by Norwegian yard Fjellstrand for Kolumbus and will operate in the Stavanger area. Building will start in May -21 and the vessel is due for operation in 2022.

Through decades already, Servogear has been developing its Ecoflow Propulsor system to be class leading globally, when it comes to efficiency and range. «We are truly proud that Servogear, yet again, is chosen as the preferred propulsion partner for another innovative project.

In a world where we all need to do our outmost to get the most out of every drop of available energy, we are very happy that our Ecoflow system is getting the attention of an ever-increasing number of clients. The Tram-project is a very future-looking project, and we are grateful for being part of this» says Torleif Stokke, CEO of Servogear.



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